The Original Fragrance Melt
Family owned and operated, Scentchips® began as a small endeavor and has blossomed into a product that is now available Worldwide.  Scentchips® revolutionized the home fragrance industry by creating the fragrance melt concept over 33 years ago. Since 1979, they have been hand-made in the original San Antonio, Texas factory, located in the historic La Villita Village. 

The Fragrance 
We take great pride in every step, from start to finish, crafting beautiful aromas to indulge your senses with the ultimate fragrance experience. Choose Scentchips® and make the world smell better, one chip at a time. Made using a high concentration of the quality fragrance oils and a blend of soy and paraffin wax. One box fragrances

for over 80 hours. Safe, clean-melting. Soot-free.

Blend. Create. Experience. 
Scentchips® Full-Line stores offer customers a fun and interactive shopping experience for all ages. Our unique blending table offers an abundance of wonderful fragrances for you to create your own signature scent!  With

over 40 popular blends, beautiful, stylish warmers, and accessories you are sure to find the perfect combination for you!